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Sweet Earth Flower Farm

At Sweet Earth Farm we grow specialty cut flowers and herbs without the use of any synthetic chemicals and nurtured using biodiversity and sustainable practices. 

We offer fresh seasonal blooms, fresh herbs and herbal tea blends through our weekly Flower CSA and at specialty markets.  We also sell wholesale to floral designers.

Each week these past months I have had the gift of spectacular blossoms adorning my living space and it has brought me such joy to feel this natural beauty come from her garden into our home. Xenia’s craft and art to bring from seed to bouquet is magical. The stunning blooms, amazing colors and the variety of these bouquets are always incredible. Her deep understanding of gardens and blooms is innate and the universe has certainly put her on this planet to share her gift!
— Sarah D.

Sweet Earth

Flower & Herb CSA


Sweet Earth Co. is excited to bring you fresh local flowers and herbs through our CSA!

Sweet Earth Flower CSA = Seasonal Flower Subscription

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farm-share program that fosters strong bonds between community members and local growers. A flower CSA works the same way as a vegetable CSA. A member typically joins before the growing season starts. Your membership helps us plan our crops and buy seeds and other supplies for the coming season.

In return, members receive a weekly bouquet of loosely arranged flowers, and the option of an herb bunch. At Sweet Earth Co. our field flowers and herbs are grown in our gardens naturally without the use of any synthetic chemicals and nurtured using biodiversity and sustainable practices. Flowers are usually picked the same morning as members get their share so you can expect 5-10 days of fresh, assorted blooms each week.

Our weekly bouquets can go right into your vase at home or use them to create your own floral design to brighten up your home or office space. Our assortment of blooms are also a great choice for local restaurants and business looking to add fresh, natural color their locale.

As an add-on, members can also include in their share a weekly herb bunch. Our herbs are also grown sustainably. Members who choose this option will have a variety of herbs to choose from every week. This Herb Harvest program will include basil, rosemary, thyme, chives, parsley, mint, cilantro, lemongrass and edible flowers such as nasturtiums and calendula.

Bouquets can be picked up at Sweet Earth Farm in Pound Ridge on Friday or Saturday (choose one), or new this year, bouquets can be picked up at Kahlo Collective a new eco-chic shop in Scotts Corners, Pound Ridge.   If you will be out of town for a week then you can choose to gift your flowers to a friend or we can donate them on your behalf to the Pound Ridge Neighbor-to-Neighbor program and a local senior citizen will enjoy a lovely bouquet.

Choose from the Spring, Summer or Dahlia shares below, or enjoy a Full Season and save!  Opt for the Herb Harvest share for an additional $5 per week.

As an added bonus, CSA members receive 20% off of Sweet Earth on-farm workshops!

Spring Share - no copy.jpg

Hello Spring

Enjoy a bouquet of local, sustainably-grown spring flowers such as peonies, tulips, daffodils, alliums, spring ephemerals and more.  One bouquet every week during the month of May.  5 weeks for $125  

Summer Share - no copy.jpg

Summer fun

Enjoy a bouquet of local, sustainably-grown summer annual and perennial flowers such as cosmos, zinnias, sunflowers, and more.  One bouquet every week from June through August.  13 weeks for $299

Late Summer Dahlia Share - no copy.jpg

Sweet september

Enjoy a bouquet of local, sustainably-grown dahlias.  We grow over 30 varieties of dahlias from large dinnerplates to the more unusual.  One bouquet every week during the month of September. 5 weeks for $125


Sweet Earth Herbal Teas


Sweet Earth Herbal Teas

Sweet Earth Co. began blending teas for clients from the herb gardens we designed and installed for them.  We now produce teas from our own gardens which are available for sale.  Our teas are grown without any synthetic chemicals and nurtured using biodiversity and sustainable practices.  Loose teas of red clover, chamomile, lemon verbena, mint, calendula, lemongrass, yarrow, sage, and many more are blended to help soothe, cleanse, or invigorate.  New blends are introduced seasonally and are available at our local markets.  Teas are presented in beautiful, hand-painted jars that are dishwasher safe, as well as in bulk bags.  For more information on where you can find Sweet Earth Teas please email us at   

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The Perfect Blend - Wedding Favors 

Sweet Earth Co.'s delicious herbal teas or your very own custom blend presented in beautiful hand-painted jars make for the perfect wedding favor your guests will love.  Each jar will have a "Perfect Blend" favor note attached.  Herbal tea favors are currently only available for local weddings.